Abstract: Our Middle School Newspaper/Media club uses the Ning social networking platform to create an online community brimming with creativity, individuality and multi-media artistic self-expression. Utilizing Web 2.0 tools (particularly Google Docs) as well as standard PC and Mac software, our correspondents write about school events and anything else that interests them. Pseudonyms are used to protect student identities and maintain COPPA/CIPA compliance. Along the way, students learn safe social networking habits and develop media production skills. Our club is funded by our local education foundation, The Northfield Education Foundation. For more information, email Kevin Jarrett, club advisor, at kjarrett@ncs-nj.org.

Our Student Showcase was on Wednesday, July 1st from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm at Table 2!

Website: http://tbirdtimes.org

NECC 2009 TBird Times Trailer (Animoto):

NECC 2009 Presentation:

Student Info Meeting Presentation (October, 2009)